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Puzzle Ink


A 36 in 1 Puzzle!

When we learn the Numbers and Letters, we really are thinking about their composition. How the lines are drawn for us to know them. So right now I present to you Puzzle Ink, the first 36 in 1 puzzle, where you can build all Numbers from 0-9 and all Letters from A-Z, One Letter or Number is made with just 6 designed cubes. The Set consists of 3 Letters top.

This project is based in Levels learning process. It´s not only thought for children on their developing process with the learning of numbers, letters and words as a first approach, but also for teenagers and adults as a brain teaser and brain puzzles.

Presented Levels:


Level 1                  0-10

Level 2                  0-50

-Level 3                 0-100


Level 4                  A-Z

Level 5                  3 Letter Words

Extra level           Mossaics


The Set is perfect for all ages, for a creative and active mind!

Creative, educational, challenging and fun Toy!