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Abarth 595 Competizione (The Race) - LEGO Speed Champions Series



Abarth 595 Competizione (The race) is my new project about LEGO Speed Champions Series.
I used a 32x32 plate. I built on it a garage with two mechanics ready for pit-stop and a podium with the Abarth logo. I put on the circuit both the light grey and black cars, but it's possible to use other colours (see below).
Abarth 595 Competizione is a racing car based on FIAT 500.
The car is shorter than the others in the Speed Champions series, closer to its real life size. Compared to LEGO Speed Champions Series models, Abarth 595 is taller and shorter.
The model also has original Abarth stickers.
I created four cars:
1. Abarth red - red (rear-view mirrors and rims are black, spoiler is red);
2. Modena yellow - bright yellow (rear-view mirrors and rims are black and spoiler is yellow);
3. Scorpione black - black (rear-view mirrors are red and rims and spoiler are black);
4. Campovolo grey - light stone grey (rear-view mirrors, rims and spoiler are white).
You can choose other colours (bright blue, medium stone grey, dark stone grey or white). You can combine two colours as you can see on
The minifigures are an important part of the set too. I created two official Abarth driving suits in line with Abarth original colours and two mechanics in the garage.

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