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The Grand Piano


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The Keys’ Difference
Unlike the Hidaka’s magnificent interpretation of the most ubiquitous instrument of all time that stresses on the playability, my Grand Piano allows its audiences to delve into the aesthetic perspective of the form. To optimize the beauty of the most versatile musical instrument, a colour scheme of polished white and chrome plated gold are used to create the instant impression of elegance at first glance, while an array of studless construction methods are applied to generate the clean edges of my model. Though the playability of my design is abandoned, the interactivity is not sacrificed. With a minifigure included, your pianist can now interact with the grand piano which is designed to be perfectly in scale.

The Lid
In order to hide the hinge away from conspicuous spots, the rotation mechanism is inevitably hindered. Yet, this is a well- decided tradeoff between form and function. Despite the fact that a few bricks must be removed to close the lid, which is comparably less convenient than my previous work, the results pretty much shows that it is worth its price.

The interactivity between the model and minifigures has always been the element I cherish the most during my design process. A custom designed minifigure, the Pianist, is included in my set to reflect the scale of my model.

Piano is considered to be the most versatile musical instrument of all time. The versatility is not necessarily limited to its broad interval, but also its accompaniments with almost any instruments in sonatas. The player can build your own minifigure-scaled instruments to interact with the model. For instance, I have constructed a Vibraphone with keys in chrome plated gold by expending my vision from the grand piano’s colour scheme. My model is only the soil providing the nutrients for the great minds of yours to flourish. How about changing the colour scheme and adding some wheels to the pilots? As you see, my model is just the springboard for you to unleash your creativity.

Should the set be approved, I am looking forward to seeing every extravaganza you build. I would be much obliged if my creation can serve as your inspiration.

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