Battle of Osgiliath

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Fell Beast at 100!

The battle of Osgiliath was a major battle of the War of the Ring, fought in the Gondorian city Osgiliath between Gondor and Mordor.

My model includes two towers, the Anduin River, the broken bridge, the pillars for Faramir to hide behind, two orc boats, and fourteen minifigures.

Minifigures included: Faramir, Gondor Ranger, Gondor Soldier x5, and Mordor Orc x7.

Here is a better view at the first tower (top left). It includes two stories, a destroyed floor, and a destroyed rooftop, a lever to "blow up" the wall, and a catapult.

Here is a better view of the second tower (top left). It includes two stories and a destroyed rooftop, a room filled with sword racks, and a rooftop catapult.

Here Faramir and a ranger hide, waiting for the orcs to appear to attack.

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