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Old Level Crossing With Guard House and French Guard [LDD}

This is a smaller older type of level crossing with articulated guard and his guard house. The warden has a very curious cat. Especially when strangers come by.
The house is furnished with a full kitchen and living room. One side of the house can be opened and the roof can be lifted off.

794 elements have been used including 4 straight rails.
All new stickers/tampon prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint, and they are adapted to LDD's standard size.

The Lego idea fits nicely with for example VIVARIO STATION, CORSICA [LDD]

Such guarded level crossings used to exist in many places in, for example, France and Corsica. And there are still some left in France, but the guard has been replaced by a telephone and partial remote control. In a white version, they used to be found in many places in North Africa.

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