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Undertale - The Underground

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Undertale is a 2015 RPG videogame developed and released by developer Toby Fox. In the years since its release, the game's characters, environments, and most famously - music - have become Internet icons. The Underground and the characters it's home to are beloved by many and now - I've made a Lego version.

The game takes place under a mountain - Mount Ebott - in the year 211X.
This set shows the mountain, stripped back to reveal 8 scenes representing moments and areas from the game. Going in chronological order, we have:

  • The Flower Bed
  • The Ruins
  • Snowdin Forest
  • Waterfall
  • Hotland
  • The CORE
  • The Last Corridor
  • The Barrier

And they contain the following characters:

  • Frisk
  • Flowey
  • Toriel
  • The Dummy
  • Papyrus
  • Sans
  • Undyne
  • Alphys
  • Mettaton
  • King Asgore

At the Flower Bed, you'll find the Undertale title on a 2x6 tile and our first two characters:
Frisk and Flowey the Flower.

In the Ruins, you will meet Toriel, who is the caretaker of the Ruins, and the Dummy.

Leaving the Ruins, you'll find the skeleton brothers: Sans and Papyrus in Snowdin Forest.

Following your encounter with the Great Papyrus, you'll go to Waterfall and confront Undyne. You might find a secret behind the waterfall itself.

Going from the damp Waterfall to the polar opposite, Hotland is home to the royal scientist - Doctor Alphys. You might have to leap across a lava pit to meet her, though. At this point, you can backtrack to previous areas with the help of the River Person and their dog-looking boat.

Of course, your next destination is The CORE, the source of all magic in the Underground. Your final encounter with doctor Alphys' robotic creation - Mettaton - will take place there.

After a long elevator ride, you'll enter New Home and get judged by Sans in the Last Corridor. I put King Asgore there because his throne room is slightly less iconic. There might also be a save point there.

After your encounter with the King, the final battle will take place.
If you were rather neutral in your run, Omega Flowey will absorb the six human souls and fight you over and over.
You can however swap the scene background for the other two battles you might fight at the end of the game:
Asriel Dreemurr for good people
or Sans for considerably worse people.
If you want, you can also swap the soul color for blue if you want :)

Each scene can be taken out and displayed by itself by removing the top of the mountain and taking the scenes out (as seen in the final image).

Mount Ebott is an icon in the world of indie games and now I've Legofied it. If you'd like to see this project see the light of day as an official Lego product, support it! And tell your friends about it, too ;)

Thank you :)

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