Product Idea

The Five for One Button (*Click* That was easy)

A common cubicle accessory is the easy button. When you press the button, a robotic voice says, "That was easy." But there are many other buttons less known to the world, such as the sorry, yes, no, and maybe buttons. In this almost-to-scale model, I give you a 5 for 1 offer,  including ALL of the buttons previously mentioned (they do NOT make noise). It includes one silver-metallic base and five buttons. They are (in the second or fourth picture from left to right) the NO, MAYBE, YES, SORRY, and EASY buttons. Now with this model when you are in your cubicle and you need to answer a co-worker with one word but you don't feel like answering with words, simply choose a button, slap it onto the base, and show it to you co-worker. *CLICK!* That was easy!