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Enjoy your visit to the water park! Relax on a deck chair, go scuba-diving in the sea, or ride the extremely fast slide into the swimming pool! The choice is up to you. Chose to play with the mum, dad, son, diver or life guard, there may even be a shark... This play set can either be used as a decoration or a play set, its up to you!

I believe that this could be a great set as it's lots of fun to play with, the weather doesn't have to be nice and your mini figures can finally relax as they watch the waves come to shore! 

I designed this set because it helps you to get away from the bad things in life and escape into the sunny world of lego! And also because it would be cool to connect to other lego sets to expand your creative city! So please support my water park play set and allow your mini figures to have an awesome holiday!

The set includes:

  • 5 figures + shark
  • A swimming pool and a speedy, cool slide
  • 1 umbrella
  • 3 palm trees shading the comfy, tilting deck chairs!