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Lego Exo-Force Hitomi's VineCutter


After a long time of not getting any response from Exo-Force rescue team, Hitomi has decided to go on her own to rescue her father from his creation The Meca One. By learning how to program thinking into the robot's mind, she creates a copy of herself to protect the Golden City and the last human civilization within it and builds her own mech to help rescue Master Keiken with the rest of the main Exo-Force Team!

The set includes:

-an anime inspired minifigure of Hitomi (posted a concept of how she will look like).

-a mech with moving claws (the official realese will have them moving).

-a functional ball shooter (color hasn't been decided).

This set will definitely interest children with its anime style and functions and gives the set a nice mix of everything.

Plus who doesn't like Lego Mechs?

Also planning to add an actual comic at the end of the instructions similar to what we had in Exo-Force line and Alpha Team, but with actual text included.

Feel free to support and tell me what you think about the set and what I could change about its design.

Mech was designed to resemble the older style of mechs we had before ball joints, to have more of a retro feeling than modern.