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Falcon of the Moor


As a nature lover, and a proponent of creativity, I wanted to bring a creature to life that is not of this world, but very well could be.

This set, consisting of roughly 300 pieces, utilizes several hinges (3 in each wing and 4 in the tail) to create realistic motions that replicate the imagined bird's natural movement. The wingspan is 20 inches; beak to tail is 17 inches.

Colors were chosen to hint at a moor-like habitat; the olive greens representative of mossy peat, and the grey complementing the exposed stone of the land. Playability was also highly considered during the build. The wings are easy to adjust, yet stiff enough to hold any desired pose.

I imagine this bird to be one of fleet flight and extreme agility in the air. The dexterity of the long tail would make such a creature nothing short of a gymnast in the sky.

Your support is appreciated. Thank you.





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