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Jungle Island

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This set is part of an idea I thought of for a theme called Adventure Island it is about an evil sourcerer named Ologon that hopes to rule the world by finding 5 ancient golden artifacts.But if anybody unites the artifacts it is said that gravity will reverse flinging everybody into space.So the explorers have come to stop him with explorers from around the world and the latest technology the explorers are ready for anything.With an army of mutants with acid reflexes Ologon might be able to get to the artifacts before the explorers do.

Ologon has traveled to the jungle to find a magic lake tat will show him the location of one of the five golden artifacts with a mutant crab to guard him.But explorers have come to stop him when Ologon starts to see the vision in the lake the head explorer Johnathan O'Harris from England and his friend Lev come to stop Ologon.with Lev's trusty hook and Jhonathans sword they should be able to make it through the jungle.

Ologon is sitting in the throne and holding snakes and the mutant navigator is to the right of Ologon.

As you can see here Jhonathan O'Harris is riding his jungle cruiser and is at the far right while Lev is at the left with his hook and his anchor hat.

3 supports we can do better!

Ill be adding more stuff soon.

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