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The Walky Racers


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I was thinking about the origins of Wacky Races (from Hannah Barbera) and one day I saw the trailer of Mall Cop 2 (with Kevin James) so I decided to create The Walky Racers.

These three characters are:

Perry, the bad guy. He is always trying to win with all the traps as posible.

Barry, the faster bear. I didn´t find a dog mask so a bear can ride this race...

Penny, the beautiful but tough girl. Our main character.


The set comes with the three characters and another three electronic walkers. Also brings a road with many flags...


You can build all the race track you want and play with these amazing people.

The Walky Racers are waiting for your support, your little child can´t support so you, parents, must to give them a real playable set. Not a difficult and bored one.


Support now!!


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