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Rescue Helicopter Play-Set ( Working / Playable )

Watch the video to see how the Rescue Helicopter Play-set works.

Control the rescue helicopter and save the poor souls lost at sea. Use the control mechanisms to manoeuvre the helicopter into position and bring those lost at sea back to dry land.

There are also plenty of other tasks for the rescue team to carry out including moving around cargo and looting the pirate's treasure - arrr!

The play-set features a rescue centre, heli-pad, pier for dropping cargo, lifeboat, little island (inhabited by pirates), cargo boat, makeshift raft with sailor, a couple of sharks and the working rescue helicopter.

The play-set includes the following items that can be lifted by the rescue helicopter:
  • Drifting sailor from his raft.
  • Lifeboat.
  • Pirate's treasure.
  • Cargo 1 - Life vests.
  • Cargo 2 - Life rings.
  • Cargo 3 - Drums of supplies.

The control mechanisms are really easy to use and with steady hands you'll be a master helicopter pilot in no time :)

If you like the idea I'd love your support.

Please also feel free to share the project and the video.

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