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A Bunny Rabbit


I have a relative that gave me a glass squirrel as a gift one time. I was looking through my boxes of legos and found that squirrel. I could not make it, but it did inspire me to make something fluffy. Then I thought of a bunny rabbit!


I live where there are many animals around including rabbits and squirrels. These squirrels are very sneaky and like to get into my bird feeder all the time. This made me think, maybe I should do a smaller build in the rabbit instead of it being life size. So I made it bird size and I think it ended up doing well.


I choose those colors because I think it looked brighter than a grey color and it popped out more. I also like making lego builds smaller because it gives it more class. If you have put many days into a big build and get every detail, that is great because it must look amazing. But I think making smaller builds brings out the unicueness of legos and how much detail can go into a small piece count. I hope you enjoy this bunny rabbit and its cuteness!

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