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EX-EB MkI Shell Bot


Every explorer needs a trusty 'Bot. Designed by ExoSolar Corporation, the EX-EB MkI Shell Bot is capable of wading the deepest quagmire on Proxima Centauri Beta in search of crystaleum. Crystaleum is a rare mineral formed as meteors fall through the noxious atmosphere and are instantly quenched in the mineral rich, planet-spanning swamp.

Equipped with a powerful plasma blade on the left arm, perfect for slicing meteors found using the back- mounted lidar the EX-EB MkI Shell Bot also has a right arm mounted pincer ideal for prying crystaleum from the toughest meteor. The Shell Bot can also carry 3-4 explorers for extended periods into the unexplored regions of Proxima Centauri Beta or any other corner of the uncharted universe.

With this model you can explore uncharted wilderness, experience first encounters with aliens, build an interstellar empire. Designed to be functional and playable, the model is intended to be different from typical Bots or Mecha to enhance the creative experience of the builder.


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