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Doctor Who's Tardis


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    The Time Lord, Doctor Who, is off on another adventure on the good ship Tardis! Help him travel through the stars and defeat aliens! Complete with The Doctor, with his Sonic Screwdriver, Rose Tyler, with a blaster, and a Sliseren (my alien, I made it up,) and his golden sword.

    The Tardis has many special features, and here they are:

Rose and The Doctor can sit in the Tardis

White chairs and floor are inside the Tardis                                  

The Tardis's roof can come off, so you can put the minifigures in and out of the Tardis


    There are 727 bricks, including minifigure parts. I thought this would be a fun set to have, because it explores the wonders of Legos and the hit TV Show, Doctor Who!


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