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RC 8x8 Offroad Truck


Storm T2310.

The most powerfull truck form Hard Truck 2/King of the Road/Дальнобойщики 2 (different names in different regions) videogame! This game was very popular back in old days. Even today some fans play it. Everyone familiar with this game would like to have truck model, especially unique truck for this game (Storm T2310 does not exist in real life). I tried to build it as close as possible to in-game model. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) this game has not so detailed model.

This model powered by Power Functions XL motor, and steering with servo-motor. This vehicle is 8WD as i mentioned. 8 wheels provide good traction, 4 steering wheels provide good maneuverability. Range between axles and steering angle adjusted by long and boring experience. This all making Storm T2310 unique: I personally never saw Lego set (in store or idea) with 8x8 chassis and steering. Battery box is easy to remove (in case you need to replace batteries). Steering and driving mechanism designed completely myself.

Length: 447mm/17.6"

Width: 131mm/5.16"

Height: 127mm/5"

Clearance: 16mm/0.63"

Weight (without batteries): 1.22kg/2.69lbs

According to LDD this truck made of 1276 pieses (including remote)

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