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Rathalos fight


"I request the assistance of any and all hunters to find and destroy the Rathalos that has appeared near here. Reward offered." (Capcom, Monster Hunter Freedom, guild quest, LV3, Slay the Rathalos quest) 

This set is my first finished set from from the Monster Hunter game series. It features the wyvern, Rathalos, and a hunter. The hunter has a greatsword (i'm not good at creating greatsword so if anyone has another way to do it just tell me), a armor and dubble face (one smiling and one screaming). Rathalos needs wings. I think it will be cool to have them like the wings of the dragon in 4894 Mythical Creatures set, but in red and black if poisible. I made a area around so you can get the forest feeling. 

On the pictures you can see Rathalos from different sides, the hunter and his sword. 

I think this set could be cool as a playset for children, a collector set for fans or a good set for fantasy scenes. I don't think you need to have played the Monster Hunter games to have fun with this set. I hope you will like it and vote for it. Maybe Monster Hunter one day will be a lego set. Enjoy and thank you too all hunters out there who whant to "Slay the Rathalos".

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