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CPT Bissi's Space Shuttle Ll-SBS "Speisciattol"


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Wandering the Classic Space in search for adventures!
That's the life of hero Captain Bissi, a brave hero of the Classic Space Fleet!
With the help of his friends Denny and Menny Captain Bissi travels everyday from planet to planet in search for mysteries and treasures and his ship, the LL-SBS "Speisciattol" is well know among all the known Universe ... and beyond!
With his mystical "Piadina" power he can get rid of nasty enemies in an eyeblink, nobody dares to face Captain Bissi without a good reason!
But Captain Bissi's biggest power is Friendship. His legendary smile and great generosity made his name way through the greatest heroes in the universe.

This set has been conceived, built and posted as a token of great friendship among AFOLs. This is a memento that we are all united under the same flag. That together we can overcome easily any problem. That together there's more fun.

The set includes:
- The Legendary Ship LL-SBS "Speisciattol"
- Captain Bissi himself with his legendary BissiCap, the Cap of Power.
- Menny and Denny

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