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Medieval Trade Office


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Medieval Trade Office

This LEGO building is a medieval trade office, which fits into a medieval city and could probably be added to the popular Medieval Market set. The construction is also laid out for the adding of other medieval city buildings at the sides.

I really like Medieval LEGO sets and thus plan to upload more buildings which would fit to this one later.

Properties of it´s use

The building is made of three floors. The groundfloor has a door to the streetside and one to the backyard. It will be furnitured as a lobby and office. The second floor will take over office tasks. The third floor is a stock for all kind of traded goods, which can be pulled up via a rope. The interior is not yet designed, but will be added in Updates.

(Some) Properties of it´s construction

  • fully detailed front and back
  • experimenting with transposition of brick rows
  • 16x16 ground
  • innovative windows at the front of 1. floor
  • bricked windows at the back of 1. floor
  • rare colour dark tan + light grey and elements of black and brown
  • medieval styled windows and roof (gothic)

I hope you enjoy the building! Please support, if you do, and leave comment with criticism, suggestion and else, if not!

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