Product Idea |

The Mediterranean House


This is the modular type building.

Scale is mini figures adaptable.

Concept is greek or south mediterranean which is color based on white and blue. 

1st floor, 2nd floor and opened 3rd floor

At the 1st floor, there is a kitchen also included fridge, cooking equipment, table with 2 chairs

Opposite to kitchen, there is a room with desk and cabinet

Next 2nd floor there is a Mini Auditorium. TV and High performance woofer, couch and table

There's a bathroom has toilet bowl, shower room

At the middle, there's a bed room can see the outside.

Beside to bed room, there's a LEGO room. It has a floor tile concept with LEGO logo

Finally at the top, there's a swimming pool, locker room, parasol with 2 sun beds, cooking kitchen and flower garden


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