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Brain Twist: instructions for three dimensional rectangle

One of my supporters for Brain Twist ask me to publish instructions for the puzzles. So I'm showing how to make one, the three dimensional rectangle.

Up above is all the parts, so I hope you can see how each part is built.
Below is pictures of how to put them together.

The red axle fits into the slot that is to the left of the blue axle.

The gray axle slides through the side ways hole and is attached to the axle slot on the other part.

The hole at the end of the bottom part goes to the black axle, as pointed with arrow one. The gray axle slides through the hole, pointed with arrow two, and goes into the axle slot, pointed with arrow three. And there you have it, it's done. I hope the directions are clear enough.
Now that you've seen how to build one you can now make your own.
If you have not seen all of my Brain Twist puzzles then here is a like.

Thank for looking.

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