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Fast Intervention of Railways


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I embarked on this creation not long ago, the idea came to me by wanting to modernize the LEGO 6671 for my son.
Shortly after, I created catenaries for my son's trains, and there, I wanted to gather the ideas.

=> Regarding the catenaries, I can not incline with the program the bottom bar.
Find it attached the finished catenary took a picture in the right position.

---The description---
Here is the quick intervention of the agents of the voice of the rail networks.
A disaster has just arrived on the rail network!
A catenary breaks, is broken down, an object clutters on the voice risking the derailment of a train, the fasteners of a rail are unscrewed ...
LEGO city is on alert because thousands of people will be late.
You are part of the voice rapid response unit.
In no time at all, you can travel on the road to reach the nearest crossing and save time on the rails. Yes, thanks to the system of retractable metal wheels, you marry perfectly the railway, and you can move avoiding traffic jams.
Once on the site, you have the necessary equipment to solve the problem with your forklift and accessories.
Lego City is relieved to ask you to intervene effectively on the problems of the railway networks.
You just have to have fun!

This scene is composed of:

- 1 road / railway intervention vehicle
- 1 trailer road / rail
- A full level crossing, automatic
- Baseplate and vegetation
- 2 agents
- 3 additional rails
- 3 simple catenaries
- 1 talkiewalkie
- 1 crowbar
- 1 hammer
- 1 key
- 1 screwdriver
- 1 english key
- 1 shovel
- 1 greaser
- 5 accessories to repair the catenaries (on the ground)

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