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Swimming Pool


This set represents a swimming pool. It has a side wall full of windows where you can admire the challenges from outside. A complete floor with a bath and stands with about 40 seats and the bath with 3 lanes. The entrance is cozy and nice. The pool has three main colors: lemon yellow, orange and cobalt blue. One of the positive aspects is that you can admire the landscape from the roof. It is recommended for kids from 5 to 9 years.

I invented an interesting story about this set: it was 8:30 and the swimmers got ready for the race. One of the competitors was sick, he could not compete. The other challengers noticed the problem so everything was suspended.  The competitor was given a medicine and, after 10 minutes, he recovered and passed it on to him. The race ended with a good bond!

It is not very difficult to play with this set. You should buy it for many reasons: it is very playable and easy to build. So enjoy it!