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Fairground: Space Octopus


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Hello! Do you want to build your amusement park? Please check this out in my video how this machine works!

Project History:

I started this project when I ordered the Ferris Wheel set last summer. I decided to build my amusement park and let my minifig enjoy the spinning. First I started with the Proof-of-Concept of the mechanical part to ensure the spinning/swinging is possible. Then I moved into LDD for the outlook design. To ally the style in my park, I used the classic blue-red-yellow as the main theme color. Finally in Dec 2015, I got the parts from public brick trading market and that's it!!

It is designed to be powered by motor also!
It is designed to be play with Starwar Microfighter also! I can surely provide update image & MOD to support those heavy fighters. I am still working on it with yours vote!

Please give me a vote if you like this too!


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