Product Idea |

Squarnimalz Zoo


”Hey, there’s a squarnimooze!”

”Yeah, cool! But I can’t wait to see the squarniraffe!

”And look at that! A squarniphant!”

The Brickheadz kidz can’t be more excited than when they go to the Squarnimalz Zoo! Just like minifigures want a world to live in, so do the Brickheadz (at least in my opinion). So why don’t we make them a zoo where they can spend the weekend watching some square animals - squarnimalz!

The proposed set includes nine squarnimalz (two flamingos) and two Brickheadz zoo visitors. With some 2,300 pieces, it’ll be awesome to build and offers a lot of play opportunities over four whole base plates!

Take your Brickheadz friendz and enjoy a day or two at the Squarnimalz Zoo! 

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