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Frist Spinjitzu Master's House, Garmadon Transformation

This is an idea for Ninjago Season 15. I made this set to bring back Good Garmadon in his human body. The transformation takes place outside the First Spinjitzu Master’s house. I believe this is a good set because also lots of Ninjago fans want the First Spinjitzu Master’s house, it has many special pieces, and was made by a fellow fan.

The five minifigures are: Good Garmadon, Resurrected Garmadon, Lloyd, Misako, and Wu (see picture 15).

Scene description 

House: The builder can make the house in one of two ways: when Garmadon and Wu are living there, or far in the future when it is ruined at the time of the resurrection. As you can see in picture 13 the complete house has a bedroom with 2 beds for Garmadon and Wu and another bedroom with one bed for the Master and a ladder to the attic. There is a scriptorium which contains a table with a scroll and a paintbrush, 2 crates with nunchucks, knives, and shurikens and a wall that opens up (see picture 12) with 2 silver katanas, a scythe, a staff, and a shuriken. In the attic there are 2 suits of armor, 1 scroll on the ground, 1 scroll in a chest, the Realm Crystal, a scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, and a stack of papers. Both the roof and attic are removable (see picture 11 and 14). 

Resurrection: Behind Lloyd, Misako, and Wu there are all the weapons of Spinjitzu, the ruined version of the First Spinjitzu Master’s house, 2 lanterns from the Yin-Yang Eclipse Day of the Departed, and all 4 of the Time Blades. In the middle there is a portal, the Realm Crystal, and Resurrected Garmadon. Behind Resurrected Garmadon there are all 3 Oni masks and Good Garmadon inside the stone. 

This is the story of the Transformation.


At the end of the last episode of March of the Oni, Garmadon is good but still in his evil body.


Lloyd, Misako, and Wu all want good Garmadon back in his human body but still with his powers. They plan to do this by getting Resurrected Garmadon to the First Spinjitzu Master’s (Garmadon and Wu’s father) house and opening a portal to the Departed Realm using the Realm Crystal. Opening the portal lets Garmadon's good soul come out of the Departed Realm. Once Garmadon's good soul is out of the Departed Realm the items they brought make Resurrected Garmadon go unconscious and the two souls (Resurrected Garmadon’s and good Garmadon’s souls) mix. Resurrected Garmadon’s body and the mixed souls go into the Rift and come out as sensei/master Garmadon with his powers.

Meta Physics

Lloyd has the golden power because all the ninja temporarily gave him their powers  
  • They have used the Reversal Blade and magic to fix the Realm Crystal and the Yin Blade so they can use them

  • They go forward in time to the next Yin-Yang Eclipse on the Day of the Departed

  • They either trick Garmadon into coming or he comes because he wants to 

  • They have all the Time Blades because they get them in Season 14 


  • The Ninja go to Borg Tower to collect items from their past adventures 

  • Wu, Lloyd, Misako, and Garmadon go forward in time to the Yin-Yang Eclipse on the Day of the Departed

  • They open the Rift 

  • They bring the Oni Masks, Golden Weapons, Realm Crystal, and the Yin Blade

  • They do the transformation 

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