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Fishermans Iceberg Laboratory

This is the Fisherman's Iceberg Laboratory. The story behind this is that an evil scientist is disguised as a fisherman in the Arctic. His goal is to make the water sludgey and kill all the ocean animals. The lair is a giant floating iceberg with a secret lab and a staircase up to a sludge pumper machine. An explorer comes along to explore the Arctic ocean in his speedboat.

The left: This is the explorer. he has the Ice Fisherman's head from the Lego Minifigures series. He has a winter jacket and a t-shirt. The explorer has navy blue pants. The Right: This is the Fisherman. He has the Fisherman's torso and legs from the Minifigures line. He has a mean looking face from the Gladiator in the Lego Minifigures line. He has a dark gray robber cap and orange flippers that you can put on.

This is the Fisherman's lab! He has a brown chair that spins 360 degrees to reach all his high-tech controls. The computer has a white keyboard with printed details like the actual thing! There is a clock for him to tell what time it is. Right below the clock there is a spot to put his coffee cup (he never sleeps because he is always too busy) and the coffee cup is a clear cup. Behind that there is a machine that pumps sludge into the ocean. There is a gauge to tell how much sludge is pumping into the water at one time. Next to that there is a radar that shows how much sludge is in the area. Above that there is a red light that would blink if anything has gone wrong. Next to that there is a shelf with smashed glass from the black bars that acted like a window. The bars pop out very easily and act as a secret entrance for the Fisherman to enter his laboratory. And finally, there is an equipment spot for the Fisherman's equipment. There is a spot for his flippers, a built-in sheath for his fish knife/battling knife and a spot on top for binoculars to spot out any people that come too close to his secret lair.

This is the top part of the Fisherman's sludge operation. This machine pumps sludge into this side of the ocean. There is a light to tell if anything has gone wrong. There is a steering wheel to pump and stop the flow of the sludge. There are rocks down near the entrance so the explorer can confront and save the ocean! His speedboat can dock along the side and he can go up the stairs or enter the secret lab. You choose what to do!

Finally, this is the explorer's speedboat. It has a steering wheel to control it. The speedboat has a propeller on the back. His extra head piece ( his hair) can fit under the canopy type overhang. Thank you so much for taking a look at this project. Please support and comment. Don't forget to take a look at my other projects! Once again, thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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