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Malibu Mansion


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Tony Stark’s Malibu Mansion is complete with dozens of great features. It has the first story living area, a basement/garage full of gadgets and ironman suits, and a pool. It has a roundabout driveway with 2 beautiful palm trees and a white sports car.

 The first floor has: assorted plant décor, the mark 1 suit as decoration, a grand piano with a pizza on it, a couch and coffee table, a drink table and glasses, a beautiful fountain, and an elevator.

The basement/garage has: 2 iron man suits, 4 suit display cases, a dum-e robot, a couch, different tools and tool racks, a drink freezer, a desk and a 3D designer table, a medical operation chair, a flat screen TV and shelf, a standup tool chest, a platform, the suit changer gantry machine, and multiple heads up display screens.

The house has foldup panels on the roof and 1st floor allowing ironman to fall through the roof down to the basement. It has an elevator and winch system. The front glass panel of the big window looking out on the ocean can be pushed out and replaced easily. There is a staircase behind the water fountain on the first floor for basement access.

The gantry suit changer machine folds out from the floor with a trapdoor system and the upper part folds down from the ceiling. When not in use, the testing platform folds back down flat. 

The whole structure folds open on the back for access on both stories. The roof can be easily removed for main level access and the front part of the house can be removed for basement access.

The set includes: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Mark VI Ironman Suit and Mark XLII Ironman Suit, an extra dress for Pepper, Obadiah Stain, and Vanko (whiplash). It includes various tools and household items (pictured above) and a white sports car with a trailer attachment to haul the dum-e robot.

Although this set closely resembles different scenes from the Iron Man 1 movie, it has aspects from all three.