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Star Wars Midi Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner


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This is a MIDI sized version of the iconic ship the Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner, Princess Leia's ship, from EP. 4 opening scene.

This is actually the LDD version. I have built this in brick and it does look fairly decent. I think overall there is some work to be done, and details that will need the LEGOMasterbuilders final design review but overall a good sized build.

So after the Midi Millennium Falcon & the Midi Star Destroyer. Why not?


The ship overall comes out about 10-12 inches, and is fairly well built. This does take in quite a bit of different and more complex building techniques. I think definitely for the more advanced builder.

Scale-wise. I think the thrusters overall are a touch on the too big of the rest of the model. It might take a little more design to widen areas, and get sloping to look more accurate to the final. The main concern was to get the cockpit and control deck area done, and start with that. Working backward at the same time, I thought that using the 4x4 round brick is a nice size for the 11 thruster group in the back of the ship. 

There are some area where even LDD can't handle the placement of brick for details. Mainly around the docking rings toward the back area, where I have originally placed jumpers to give more detail to that section. 

This was also developed and built long before some of the smaller curved slopes were available, and I stayed with that from the model. 

I think this would be a nice addition to the Star Wars line of ships. It could also be made with Dark blue accents to mimic Rep. Bale Organa's ship from the Phantom Menace. 

I also will update with older shots prior to the LDD version, but the version that was shown at Star Wars Days at LEGOLand CA back in 2008, and has made the rounds at a few BrickCons and so on.

If passing 2,500 votes I can update with LDD file! 

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