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The Aviary


I've always loved building the small details, and one of my favourite things to put together are birds, so I built a bird sanctuary. I really love this set because it incorporates a large amount of different designs. Firstly, the birds. I tried various different designs for them, and I've put the best ones in this set. The different types and colours of birds really makes the set look nice and fun. Another thing which makes the set nice is that the roof isn't to complex. Often it takes a really long and frustrating time building the roofs for houses and rooms, but this roof is really easy to put together (and take off if you want) and looks really nice. Another thing which makes the set nice is the Minifigure. Her name is Lily, and I really think that minifigures are often the thing which really makes the set great. Another thing which really matters in a LEGO set is the general size. This LEGO set isn't all that large, so you get all the fun at a cheaper price! All of this together makes the set a really great set for display or imaginary games.

Thanks for taking time to look over my project!

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