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Petrol Station


This Lego petrol station comes with one pump, a garage bay and a shop. 

In the shop there are many things including, a fridge, an ice cream maker, two wooden boxes of bread and a counter. 

Fridge: Inside the fridge there are two levels, the above one stores vegetable and the below one stores cheese. 

The counter: The counter has a cash register and a coffee maker. At the front of the counter there is a shelve of tidbits. 

The garage bay: The garage bay has two cans of petrol, an air pump and some basic tools for repairing a vehicle. 

I estimate the price of this set is about $25-$50. This set has about 100 lego pieces and comes with a cashier minifigure and a mechanic minifigure. 

Please support it, thank you!

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