Product Idea

Fun at the carnival

Fun at the carnival
Having great interest and owned the new Fairground Mixer set, I had too, purchased the balloon cart and hotdog cart poly bag. I feel that it would not be complete without the common carnival cart so I had decided to build more adding onto my collection. The idea was taken from different pictures of the actual cart via Google. From there, I had created these design adding three items in my collection

The popcorn cart
This is traditional popcorn cart with big wheels, that should come along with a popcorn guy, a parent and a child. The cart will consist of a popcorn maker with doors that swings open and a cooking timer on it. I had used two different type of 'pots' as the popcorn bucket and the popcorn cooker. Details such as the sugar and salt bottle are included. The ready cooked popcorn will be placed in the storage below separating the sweet and salted ones. The platform for the vendor to stand can be detached when not using. I had too attached a green chalkboard flag piece on the pole for stickers stating its price. Nevertheless, I had too built in the cashier register piece. However, I did not manage to add in the little yellow rounded brick piece as I am not able to using the LDD. Hopefully, with this project being approved, LEGO team will input in for everyone.

Cotton candy cart
Next, would be the cotton candy cart, this cart is a must have in the carnival. This cart is designed differently and smaller than the popcorn cart so that it will not be similar. The cotton candy cart is managed by the popcorn vendor's wife. The main piece of this cart will be the round red bucket which I think its the best piece to design with.

Bouncy castle
The bouncy castle was the last item I added to my design. It took me two days to fully modify it. I had design it in a way that all the bricks are fully 'covered up' which means to have a smooth design. Again the color I had selected was yellow and red to match the two carts. In addition, I had built the cones for queuing as well. Not all the bricks have the colors I want for the cotton candy cart and the castle but again if this project is approved, I do not mind changing its color!

Overall, the size of the cart had been designed in accordance to the figurines size too.
Stay tuned and supported with me to view more pictures and more updates!