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Transport Wheelchair


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The Lego Transport Wheelchair

Transport wheelchairs need to be pushed. Push The Lego Transport Wheelchair to 10k supporters and bring accessibility to Lego!

A few years ago, I had to use a wheelchair for a while because of an injured foot. However, my dad was embarrassed to push me in public places. He was afraid about what people might think.

Unfortunately, there is a certain prejudice with the image of a wheelchair. Perhaps this prejudice is the reason why wheelchairs are not commonly present in many movies, cartoons and toys.

Nowadays, there are more than 150 million children with disabilities in the world and they deserve to be represented in Lego! That is why I decided to build The Lego Transport Wheelchair.

I believe that with every children feeling included and accessibility being part of Lego sets, wheelchairs and disabilities will be more acceptable in our society.

Thanks for your support!


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