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New Tech Design Motorbike

I built this bike for several reasons. The first consists of a front fork system with a double suspension, all connected to the frame via a perpendicular axis. This contributes to the stability of the bike, while ensuring an excellent center of gravity. A V-twin engine that, on both sides, is equipped with two crankcase protectors. The fairing is intended to protect the pilot, while having an effect on aerodynamics. A fork head, with a double bubble.

The top bubble can serve as an interactive screen, correlating with the pilot's helmet (this is a project that will exist in real life). This bubble system is fully adjustable. At the back, two large suitcases, removable if you want or not. As well as a large tank to ensure long journeys. In addition, on each side of the rear wheel, a system of double headlights. Below the fork head, on each side, two large headlights.

This is specific to real motorcycles, called "trails". I hope you’ll appreciate all these ideas of my concept.

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