Product Idea

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Safe-House Attack


This is a set for the safe house fight in S02E15 "One Door Closes" from the TV-show "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.". In this scene Skye first uses her powers in battle. There are no specially printed minifigures or emblems since I used LDD, but i hope LEGO will add these if it becomes a real set.


The set comes with Skye, Bobby Morse and a Shield trooper. Skye has no accessories as she just uses her inhuman earthquake powers. Bobby has her twin batons that she uses for fighting. The trooper has nightvision goggles, a bullet-proof vest and an icer rifle. All three need custom faces and body print.


The house is a simple log house. It has some plants and flowers  on the outside. Inside it has a table with some food (1 criossant, 1 cake, and 2 coffee/tea mugs) and 2 chairs, a bed and a cupboard. On the back wall there are 2 removable planks that hide a grey piece. Idealy this peace would be printed with a hulk fist indentation like in the show. 


For the fight scene I made a tree that can be tipped over as a show of Skye's powers. By pulling the pin the tree falls forward.


I also made a Quinjet because that's how shield arrives and also because they are awesome. The quinjet has a cockpit with an extensive control panel and 2 steering levers, the cockpit is also slanted lightly downwards. The windshield is removable but the cockpit is also accesible through the cabin. The cabin has 6 seats for passengers and extra cargo space. There is lowering ramp at the back. The 2 engines have blue jet output. It also has retractable landing gear. I hope LEGO puts shield insignas and other things on the fuselage and wings.