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Lego Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Temple of the Grail


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 Experience an amazing adventure with Indiana Jones! 

      Together with his companions discover a secret that hides the Temple of the Grail.​ To get the treasure, you have to challenge by many difficulties. Traps of the Templars are waiting for you. Do you handle with it? But watch out for the villains, because they also want to get the Treasure. You don't to let, that their wicked plans came true!

      What is waiting for you in this set? Let's check:

  • 9 minifigures of characters from the movie: dr Henry Indiana Jones Jr., prof. Henry Jones Sr., Marcus Brody, Sallah and their opponents: Elsa SchneiderWalter Donovan and two Mercenaries and minifigure of Knight of the Grail!
  • HUGE Temple of the Grail.
  • Three challenges of the temple from movie: Breath of God, Name of God and Path of God.
  • Chamber of the Grail - Select the correct chalice and live forever!

      So, are you ready for adventure?


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