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2016 4X4 Fire Police


There is a big accident on the highway, who is going to make sure the fire fighters and rescue crew can safely do their job?  The Fire Police, they'll safely shut down the roadway, redirect traffic and keep the fire crews safe to do their job.

This unit come with 2 Fire Police, fully loaded 4X4 rig with everything they'll need for a long day or night on the roadways.  There are traffic cones, flashlights, broom and shovel, small hand tools, orange traffic flashlights for directing traffic and even 2 build in coffee pots to keep the alert!  This unit has a flip up orange directional arrow sign mounted on the roof of the utility box and plenty of emergency lighting.

This is a perfect addition to any Lego fire department, especially those "volunteer" companies who need all the help they can get.

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