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BATMAN Arkham Knight - The Batmobile


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Batman: Arkham Knight has always been one of my most hyped-up games for 2015, and I am certain that a lot of people, from gamers to collectors and those simply wishing the thrill of being the Batman, will enjoy this set, whether it be reenacting the battle between our one-man army and Scarecrow's goons, or simply imagining the drive across Gotham City.

Since I am a fan of LEGO for quite some time, I can't help but wonder if I could make the ultimate creation; I decided to make it my goal, and this is what I came up with. The most difficult part of the design process has been transforming the Batmobile's Pursuit Mode into the Assault Mode without interfering with the driving mechanics. And this personal achievement, honestly, just makes me feel proud.

I have to use the Lego Digital Designer to build the project, simply because I do not have enough special bricks at home, and I can actually test the project’s gear functions without having it fall apart.

Containing only 395 bricks, this set has been designed to be appealing to all ages: not being too complex or difficult for younger builders, while at the same time not being too easy and simple to be put together by experts. With a detatchable riot suppressor flick missile, two immobilizer flick missiles and a fully working transform mechanism from the Persuit Mode to the Assault Mode and back!

I can almost guarantee that many will enjoy this set, and may possibly turn it into something even better!


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