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MicroBurg is a micro version of a coastal street and neighborhood. Unlike many micro builds, MicroBurg is built at a slightly larger scale in order to allow for a highly detailed style. The build includes the ocean with waves, a semi rough terrain beach, a small rocky cliff, and a street lined with palm trees, houses, and a store.

          Why did I build it? I have no real reason for building this besides the fact that I find micro builds very fascinating, and I really wanted to try and make one myself. However, I also wanted to challenge myself and see how detailed I could make the build while also keeping the overall scale low. 

          Why would this make a great LEGO Set? MicroBurg would make a great LEGO Set for a few reasons. One reason is because it would make the perfect decorative piece in any LEGO room. Also, most LEGO fans would love to have a LEGO city, but getting all of the pieces and finding the space can be difficult. This build would allow everyone to have a little piece of a LEGO city. The build also uses some advanced building techniques that many experienced LEGO fans would love.

         Overall, this build is a unique micro build and would make a perfect LEGO Set.