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The BMW Z1 was released in 1990 and was designed by BMW Technik, the part of BMW that makes the concept cars. The Z1 was very futuristic and along with the doors that dropped downwards, it had a rear undertray and a specially designed exhaust silencer, so that, according to BMW, it was the first production car to produce negative lift. The panels were designed to be removed easily, so that you could change the colour of your Z1. It used the same 170bhp engine as the E30 325i.

Unfortunately, there was no way of making the doors drop down in LEGO, so I made them easily removable so that it would look like they could. It is made of 109 bricks and is 6 studs wide and 16 studs long. It includes:

  • Rear view mirrors
  • Two seats
  • Steering wheel
  • Dashboard

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