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Jeep Wrangler with Power Functions

The Wrangler was originally intended as a entry into a local Lego competition. My goal was to build a compact RC Jeep With Great looks and attention to detail. Plus It had to be able to go off road. The finished Wrangler Includes these details and features, Motorized steering and drive, Iconic grill and headlights, working winch, dashboard with gear shift and steering wheel, removable roof rack, spare tire, brake lights, overhead flood lights, rear-view mirror, and side view mirrors. If you want to see some off roading 
Now lets talk about power! The wrangler uses the Lego Power Functions Battery Box part 8881 to power an RC unit to control the XL drive motor and small motor for steering. The Roof rack can also be removed for quick access to the battery. I feel others might enjoy my wrangler for its ruggedness as the wrangler can easily be used outside or inside and does not just sit on a shelf and collect dust. Thank You for reading and please support or tell your friends!  

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