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Nature Scenery


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I have always wondered why the trees in most sets are not size accurate to the mini-figures, so I decided to experiment with different tree types. In this model, I have made two trees, very different in size, one small and one large. There is also a stream and a bridge, to add more motion and story to the scene.

The scenery has lots of color, and many different types of plant life. The plants are very specific, for example: rather than having a few red roses every now and then, the roses are in clumps, or bushes. Another example of the plant life is that only a specific type of plant grows in the stream, showing that the flow of the water is not extremely fast moving. The rock in the stream causes some visually appealing rapids, which adds some movement to the scene.

The main idea behind Nature Scenery is to open a window of opportunity. Several sets and ideas can grow off of this model (pun intended). Models such as desert scenes, thick rain forests, grassy plains, and even caves can be made within the same amount of space. This model is placed on a medium sized square platform so that if LEGO builders and supporters wanted to add their own bricks to the set, its very easy for them.

Thank you for your potential support on this project!

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