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Street Sweeper



        What I have created is a street sweeper. It seats one minifigure and has working parts. One of the working parts is a brush that spins when the truck rolls. On the outside I put large exhaust pipes and orange lights all over it for detail. On the back of it I put a large brush that gave it more detail. Inside you will find a water tank and a soap tank that are hidden behind a removable curved panel. On both sides there are brushes that can be folded up if the street sweeper was not cleaning. The top roof of the cab is removable for more playability. Inside the cab is a steering wheel and levers to work the machines. This set would be a good addition to the Lego City line because it currently doesn't have a street sweeper. The reason I thought to build this was that I thought it would be cool to have a Lego street sweeper and that it would be a neat addition to a  Lego set. Thank you for checking out my street sweeper! 


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