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Haunted Mansion (Based on Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor)


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Hi, I'm Eric. I'm from France.

I came across the LEGO Ideas website randomly. I admired the creations on the site and decided to start my own LEGO project. A big fan of LEGO since childhood and also a Disney fan, I really enjoyed creating my project. It is a haunted house, a replica of Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris, which is in turn a replica of the the house in the Hitchcock movie 'Psycho'.

A house haunted by 999 ghosts (I of course didn't incorporate that many), and a bride abandoned by her husband on her wedding day, a victim of his father in law. I took the bet to create a large interior space that allows to have a good view of the ghost ball inside, instead of sectioning each scene. I reproduced the most striking scenes: the ball with its dancing couples, the fortune teller in her crystal ball, the hung husband (victim of the father in law), the haunted armors, the organ playing a creepy music and the happy gang of skeletons under the house. Also featured will be the abandoned garden, the gazebo for tea time, and the 'Boot Hill' cemetery. I had a lot of fun crafting this project which was a (friendly) bet with my sister.

Number of bricks: 2781

Style of the house : Victorian 



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