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Havoc in Hyrule Castle


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With your sword and shield at the ready, battle the fierce Moblin of Hyrule Castle. Get Link ready for battle as you build the inside of ,the once peaceful, Hyrule Castle! This set’s characters include: Link in his Champions attire, holding an ancient spear,a shield and a bow and a fierce black Moblin wearing the simple armour of his lord Ganon and armed with a flaming pike. The castle features include a pivoting dining table next to roaring fireplace, an armour stand and weapons rack, a distinct map of the whole of Hyrule and a bookcase which includes two books. The set also includes a falling pillar and a falling rock in the corridor that leads towards the golden treasure chest. So if you do love The Legend Of Zelda ,Breath of the Wild then this set is perfect and even if you don’t I’m sure you will enjoy this wonderful set. Come on let’s do this... for Hyrule!

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