Product Idea |

The S.A.S Studio

This is our very first idea and we a very thrilled to present it to you. We made an effort to get our first pic to best capture our idea . To elobrate our studio design we have a beautiful open space in the entrance where people have to walk through , post which they enter the studio. Once we enter we see a receptionist on the right and a sanitizer stand on the left . Once we move a little more to the left we will see coffee counter and a trophie cabinet . We also will be able to see a bright studio light and on the opposite we will see a sound system . A little right to the reception is the main stage and beside the stage is a dressing room. We have facilities of a large space ,  a stage for shooting, security, and reception. The minifigures include , a main actor , camera man , a fashion designer , a gardener . A support will be greatly appreciated.

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