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Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Lego Speed Champions


9999 votes on 2nd August 18... SO CLOSE!

Only 1 more - I might start opening the champagne!!

HUGE THANKS to all my supporters - you are truly amazing!




Final Sprint...

Less than 300 votes needed to reach the 10k objective - Thanks so much to all my supporters.

As a token of gratitude, I have modelised in Lego Speed Champions size the most iconic Peugeot ever: The mighty 205 GTI.

Here is a picture of it - I hope you like it! (I might upload it as a standalone project on Lego Ideas)




I believe I can fly...

Dear all,

Upon request, I have finally integrated a bracket to keep the car suspended in the air.

 I have used one of the few existing transparent brackets available in the Lego catalogue (Rudder 2x12x5; part Nr: 6097549).

  • It is very discreet, rather aesthetic and most importantly, it does not alter the dynamism of the scene.
  • I am quite satisfied with the end-result (See pics below):

I hope you like it too and look forward to receiving further votes, to soon close the 400 remaining gap, before reaching 10k supports.


All the Best




9,500 supports achieved - 2 more pics to thanks all my Supporters and Followers...

Not far from the 10k votes goal now - Big Thanks to all of you.

Here are 2 more pictures of the little Peugeot associated with 2 of its rivals from the mighty WRC Group B era:

  • The Lancia Delta S4
  • The Renault 5 Maxi Turbo

I hope you like them!






Few more pics of the litle Pug and its great rival the mighty Lancia Delta S4...





More Pics of the real brick model...

...I hope you like it!!






The real deal!

For all my 248k viewers & supporters, Peugeot and Lego fans:

I have broken my Piggy bank and invested in a few bricks to make the little Pug a real Lego car - See below:

I am quite pleased with the result; I hope you feel the same.

As soon as I have more time I’ll load further shots.


Please do continue to vote for it - not far from 8k now!!






AWESOME - 5k support achieved!!

As a little token of gratitude to alll my supporters!



IMPORTANT - Getting together to support LegoSurfRescue

Dear Supporters and Followers,

Another big thanks to all my supporters so far - nearly 5k votes in less than a month - it is truly amazing!


But today I am reaching out to you regarding another project created by a Dad - Damien - and his little boy - Aiden

Sadly, Damien has been suffering of a skin cancer and tragically he's not winning his battle against this terrible decease.

Leveraging his passion for Lego, Damien decided to raise awareness on sun care with this very positive and fun-packed project:

Damien hopes to be still with us, to see his project reaching the magical 10k supports; the last diagnosis from his doctors is unfortunately not good and he may have only a couple of months to live.

I feel that we, as a Lego community, had a moral duty to help Damien realising his simple yet powerful wish as soon as possible.

Therefore I'd be immensely grateful to all my supporters/followers to just have a look at Damien's page and story and, of course support his project, if you feel as touched as I do.

This is a little thing for us to do but I am sure it would mean the world for Damien and Aiden. 

Thank you All!


AMAZING support - Huge thanks for the 4.5k fans in less than a month - you rock!


Sorry - no new pics to celebrate this achievement (I hope to be forgiven - my computer is using all its resources to render my next Group B project to bring soon company to this beloved Peugeot)

Anyway this is just a little note to say a Gigantic THANK YOU to all of you!

I truly believe now this project can reach the 10k support Milestone, even if we are (only) half way through.

Please continue sharing the word with all Rally, Peugeot or simply Lego fans;

The power of social media is amazing and let's use it to its full potential for the last leg of this extraordinary journey.

By the way, here is an article than I spotted on the Net. Small pleasure - this one made my day!






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