Product Idea

Satellite Launcher 2.0

This is another satellite lauching rocket. I finally found pieces on lego digital designer that I can use for composite fairing. In fact, they make perfect composite fairing. (Composite fairing is the barrel-shaped thing on the tops of rockets that taper on the tops and bottoms and break apart to release the satellites.) It has the same satellite as my first satellite launcher. This one has three options. You can do the regular rocket with no boosters, heavy with two boosters, or super heavy with four boosters. Its first and second stages are separated by a wider disk that has mini rockets on its underside. The disk comes off with the first stage. It has rescue rockets that also come off with the first stage. I replicated and modefied the rockets from the first stage of the Saturn 5 for the first stage of the Satellite Launcher 2.0. This rocket was inspired by the Atlas 5.