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UCS Avengers Tower


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This is the largest, most detailed, most time-consuming, and all around best project that I have ever created...

The UCS Avengers Tower is my largest Project, at 9,300 pieces, thus giving it it's "Ultimate Collector's Series" title. Grand Central Station is about 1,300 pieces, and the actual tower and base is about 8,000.

I have changed my preferences in LDD to high "Advanced Shading" and "Piece Outlines" as a substitute for Pov-Ray, because I have a Mac. (It really improves it; I highly recommend using those settings if you have a Mac, or just want an easy fix.)

I have included a much more accurate surrounding area at the base, (Compared to my earlier Stark Tower project) including Grand Central Station, and the Met-Life building.

The tower is made using Silver Metallic pieces for the building, and Transparent light blue elements for the glass.

The set will have Minifigures, and they will be included in an update later, along with other various stuff from the movies.


I hope you like my set, and please support and follow for updates!

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